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Winston Salem, NC. Exterior ADA handrail.

An old city, Winston Salem is. You can find gothic metal artwork in certain parts of the city. We can do that too but for the most part we build custom Steel ADA handrailings, also know as handicap railings and Steel ADA handicap handrail for ramps from 1 1/4" round or square pipe. We custom weld and build ADA Railings, ADA steel stairs, ADA steel ramps, Bollards, misc. metals, misc. ironwork. Also our shop can custom punched handrail channel for pickets. We service the Charlotte, Winston Salem, Greensboro area for ADA steel railing projects either residential or commercial. Our first major project was Concord Mills Mall where we installed all the handrailings and custom ironwork for each store.

BlueFlag Services. Part of Carolina Precision Core Drilling INC. A North Carolina company. USA. Company.

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ADA Steel Stair Railings

Our standard single line ADA Steel hand railings. The least expensive style with an open frame design. Steel ADA railing can be installed at heights of either 34" or 36". Starting at $36.00 ln ft.

steel picket railings

Exterior Steel Picket Railings

ADA steel picket railings. The guardrails of a concrete or steel stairway or ramp that rises more than 30" in height. Designed to restrict egress off the edge of an area. Starting at $53.00 ln ft.

2 line steel stair rails

2 line steel stair railings

Two line steel railings and stairs offer strenght and durability. Often used for ground level walkways and sidewalks. Meets all handicap county and city codes. $42.00 ln ft

steel wall railings

ADA steel wall railings

ADA Wall griprails are commonly used with steel walkways, steel stairways, steel rampways both interior and exterior. Wherever a ADA steel wall railings is needed it can often be adapted to fit the area that requires protection by ADA codes. $27.00 ln ft

steel ramp railings for uhaul on albemarle rd charlotte nc

ADA Steel Ramp Railings

ADA steel ramp railing. Charlotte NC premier Steel ramp railings fabricator.

Many styles of steel ramp rails, steel stairs. steel handrails

More styles of Indoor and outdoor ADA Steel Railings

All styles of steel railings can be custom made in our shop.


ADA steel railings for concrete stairs. 1 1/4 inch (1.5/8 inch OD) steel pipe railings
ADA steel picketed stair rails
ADA steel wall railings . All pipe railings are made from 1 1/4 inch schedule 40 square or round steel pipe
Custom steel railings with round ADA ends
Double line ADA steel stair railings installed on concrete steps and landing
ADA steel ramp railings with ADA bottom ends displayed. This makes for easy handicap access.
Steel ADA wall railings . Sometimes called griprails.
Strait run steel railings with core drilled installation and set in bricks.
Single line ADA steel railings shown installed. Comforms to the landing stair conture of the concrete stairway
ADA square steel railings with ADA top ends and griprails.
Steel ADA wall railings with stamped steel brackets to anchor to the wall.
Three line ADA steel ramp railings.