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ADA metal handrail Pictures.

Over the years we have accumulated many pictures of ADA metal handrails. All types of handrailings have been installed by us since 1996. We have guardrails, griprails, handrails, handrail parts, fence parts, gate parts, gates, bollards, and almost everything in between. All of the projects, either residential or commercial, have been designed, built and installed by us or install by us for another fabricator who designed and built it. We specialize in ADA steel ramp railings, ADA stair railings for steps made of 1 1/4" schedule fourty steel pipe, ususally round pipe railings but square tube is available. We also provide steel bollards installation and sales for the Charlotte, Raleigh, Winston Salem and Greensboro areas in sizes from 3" to 10" Diameter schedule fourty pipe which can be cut to any specified lenght below 20 ln. FT.

Most of the hand railings are installed in concrete steps and ramps by core drilling and then using non-shrink anchoring cement to secure the railing posts to the concrete at the desired height. But shown are many ways to secure handrails to all kinds of surfaces such as welding to steel stringers, wall mounted to sheetrock walls and wall and floor mounted to brick and block tile. Another popular method is Plate mounted with different types of fasteners such as sleeve anchors, wedge anchors, wood lag screws, toggle bolt....s the list is endless

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