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ADA Steel handrailing for walls. Griprails.

We build custom steel ADA hanrails for installing on all types of walls. Walls handrails are often called griprails as they are exactly the same type of handrail associated with railings often used for multi-story stairways. The steel ADA handicap wall railings are made from 1 1/4" round or square steel pipe or 1 1/2" steel tubing.

In most cases an ADA wall handrail will have a return that will be the part that turns back to the wall or to a closed end of some fashion.

BlueFlag provides service for the Charlotte, NC. Raleigh, NC. Greensboro, NC. Winston-Salem, NC. areas. Both residential or commercial steel railing projects.

BlueFlag Services. Part of Carolina Precision Core Drilling INC. A North Carolina Company.

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steel ada wall railings

Miter Cut and welded exterior Handicap steel railings.

All Miter cut Steel hand railings can be installed at 34" to 36" in height to meet all exterior ADA Handicap steel railings codes.

miter cut steel wall railings

Price: Miter cut Steel wall Railings.


Miter cut at two 45 degree ends to make a 90 degree angle

1.66 OD .140 Wall

ADA wall railing on brick wall

90 degree welded elbow exterior Handicap steel railings.

All 90 drgree elbow Steel hand railings Comes in 34" to 36" high to meet all exterior ADA Handicap steel railings codes.

90 degree elbow ada wall railing

90 degree elbow ADA steel wall handrails.


90 degree elbow turned toward the wall to 1/2" to 3/8" clearance between the wall and endcap of handrailing.

1.66 OD .140 Wall

wall railing at job in charlotte nc

Steel Handrails installed on concrete ramp in Charlotte NC

These wall railings were attached to the brick wall with concrete sleeve anchors.

griprail attached to a wood stair and core drilled into the blacktop parking lot

Griprails can even be mounted to wood stairs.

These handrails were intalled off of Tryon St, Charlotte NC.

Custom ADA Handrails

Made from schedule 10 or schedule 40 steel pipe. 1.66 OD Wall


ADA steel railings with baseplate for concrete stairs. 1 1/4 inch (1.5/8 inch OD) steel pipe railings
ADA steel griprail
stair griprail attached to brick wall.
custom steel handrail with baseplate for post mounting
ada stair rails for stairs
ADA steel handrails welded to steel guardrails on dock
Steel ADA handrails for wood steps
custom griprail for small street side handrail for looks.
griprails welded onto steel ramp guardrails
ADA handrails for a house in charlotte nc
Stainless steel griprails at concord mills mall installed in 1999 Concord NC
handrails for church in Salisbury NC