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Metal handrail for wheelchair ramps.

Custom built steel ADA handicap hand railings and Steel ADA handicap ramp handrail from 1 1/4" round or square pipe. Custom designed and welded ADA handrail for ramps, ADA steel stairs, ADA steel ramps. We service the Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro area for ADA steel railing projects either residential or commercial. All the pictures of steel handrail below are from the years 2001 through 2019. Most, if not all, are built from the standard schedule 40 1 1/4" round pipe. The most commonly believed fiction about handrails are that the you need 1 1/2" pipe to fabricate ADA railings. This idea comes the from:

(1) Not knowing that pipe is measured from inside dimensions ie, ID, and that tubing is measured from outside dimensions ie, OD.

(2)Often over zealous engineers that err on the side of design caution. With no way of knowing the level of skill the fabricator for whom the drawing may end up with, it is much safer to make sure the fabricator knows the minimum grasp width is 1 1/2".

Though 1 1/2" pipe (1.9"+ O.D) falls within the parameters of the ADA safety documentation, most handrail fabricators will almost most certainly produce approval drawings depicting 1 1/4" pipe (1.6"+ O.D).

WHY? Well it is simple. You may think that it is because 1 1/4" steel pipe meets the minimum parmeters for ADA safety documentation for handrails, well it is, but maybe also a greater percentage of the common general public can fully grasp the smaller diameter pipe ie, ..children, elderly, anyone that finds it hard to move around. So it comes down to serving a customers needs better.

BlueFlag Services. Part of Carolina Precision Core Drilling INC. A North Carolina Company.

Our Steel ramp handrail can be designed to fit your business.

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wheelchair ramp steel handrail

Miter Cut and welded exterior ADA Steel handrail for concrete Handicap wheelchair ramps.

All Miter cut Steel handrails Comes in 34", 36" or 43" heights to meet all exterior ADA Handicap steel handrail codes.

miter cut steel ramp railings

Price: Miter cut 2 line steel handrail for ramps $90 ln Ft.


Ramp is spliced together with welded Miter cut at two 45 degree ends to make a 90 degree angle

1.66 OD .140 Wall

3 line steel ramp railing with 90 degree elbows for corners

90 degree welded elbow exterior Handicap steel railings.

All 90 drgree elbow Steel handrailings are designed to be installed at 34", 36" or 43" in height to meet all exterior ADA Handicap steel railing codes.

ramp handrail

90 degree 3 line steel handrailings for concrete ramps.


90 degree elbow make a 90 degree angle

1.66 OD .140 Wall

exterior box ada ramp handrail

ADA Box style ramp handrail

ADA steel ramp handrailing with the ADA part boxed out.

close up of box style ada end cap

Box Style ADA steel ramp handrailing.


Box Style

1.66 OD .140 Wall


two line ADA steel handrail for loading dock ramps
one line steel handrail for wheelchair ramp
two line steel ADA ramp rails.
three line Custom steel railings with round ADA ends
single line ramp with wall rails for ramps
three line ADA bottom of wheelchair ramp handrail.
two line Steel ADA top of stair rail
core drilled installation and set in bricks.
Single line ADA steel railings installed at the Salisbury NC hopspital
two line ADA handrails with wall rail
Steel ADA handrailings for a church in Raleigh NC.
double line ramp rails at church in Greensboro NC.