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Steel Bollards

We cut custom steel bollards from 3" to 10" steel pipe and fill them with concrete is the description of the most basic bollard. Installed at an average of 24 inches deep in the ground our bollards can withstand most common impacts. Of course a three-inch pipe bollard may not stop a car from ramming through your storefront, but maybe a 10-inch bollard will.

Bollards can be base plated, dug into the earth, welded to steel embedded plates set in concrete or a number of other installation methods that can be used to secure what it is that you are protecting. Bollards are useful for bank machines, dock systems, storefronts, office fronts and much more.

We service the Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro area for ADA steel railing projects either residential or commercial.

BlueFlag Services. Part of Carolina Precision Core Drilling INC. A North Carolina Company.

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typical steel bollard

6-inch steel Bollard.

Baseline steel bollards 42 inches high by 6 5/8" dia. Filled with concrete and installed at 21" deep into the ground.

installed 6 inch steel bollard

Price: $650.00

Price Installed: $1100.

6" is the most popular size of bollard installed in most parking lots today.

Steel pipe is 6.66 OD

base plated steel bollards

Base plated steel bollards.

All base plated bollards can be made 34" to 72" high to meet all exterior or interior bollard needs.

6 inch open bollard

6 inch pipe bollards


6 inch pipe bollards with 4 7/8" holes for 3/4" wedge anchors.

Fill with concrete by customer.

a massive pile of steel bollards

Our pile of bollards we are installing for a customer in Harrisburg NC.

close up of industrial dock side bollards

Dock side bollards for a trucking company in Charlotte NC.


ADA steel railings with baseplate for concrete stairs. 1 1/4 inch (1.5/8 inch OD) steel pipe railings
ADA steel picketed stair rails
one line steel ADA ramp rails.
single line Custom steel railings with round ADA ends
ada stair rails for stairs
ADA bottom of stair rail.
Steel ADA top of stair rail
core drilled installation and set in bricks.
Single line ADA steel railings installed at the Salisbury NC hopspital
ADA one line stair rails
Steel ADA railings for a house in Charlotte NC.
single line rails at airport.