Lamb Tongue Railings for your home.

iron railings for homes

Lambs tongue iron railings


We get asked a lot for pictures of our iron railings that we custom build in Charlotte NC, so to make it easier on us and our customers we plan to update this page with all new iron railing projects from this date forward as time allows for us to showcase the type of work we do.

Above you can see a project of a iron railing for a business on Randolph Rd, Charlotte, NC that we did in the year, 2013. Its a simple lamb tongue style iron railings for a small set of steps outside the back office door where customers often come into the business.

Below is the same project and the railings from a different view.

steel-railings-randolph-rd-charlotte-nc  small-pic-one-punched-steel-channel350_topcap We used punched steel channel as the bottom rail and lambs tongue cap.


Next is a small iron railings that we did for another business here in North Carolina. Guess which business? LOL!!!!






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